August 13th, 2019

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Signal Boost: Contest FreeCon 2019 [Deadline: 10.10.2019] - Vidding discussion — LiveJournal

 Contest FreeCon 2019 [Deadline: 10.10.2019] - Vidding discussion — LiveJournal
We invite all clipmakers to take part in our new video-clip competition on Any self-made video clip based on films, games, sports etc., can be submitted to the contest (only anime are restricted). No restrictions on music styles and genres of video. No registration needed. Submit deadline is 10 October 2019. Prize fund: ~500$. We accept exclusive videos only, the ones which were not shown online before the contest. If a link to Youtube and Vimeo is provided (it must be "unlisted" video before premiere), the broadcast of the contest video will be conducted directly from your channel.

Detailed rules:

Winners of some previous contests:

CreaCon 2008: Toster - Doom In Da Mist
CreaCon 2009: Trampler - Dead As History
CreaCon 2010: Safira - New Divide
CreaCon 2011: Samuel - Burning Shadow
CreaCon 2012: Norlack - Doomsday: Lost Home
CreaCon 2013: -Faith- - Falling Earth
CreaCon 2014: Benjamin - Secrets
CreaCon 2015: Benjamin - Beyond Us
CreaCon 2016: UFец - Desert Storm
CreaCon 2017: UFец - Tropic Heat
CreaCon 2018: Samuel - Clones
CreaCon 2019: Илья Чижов - Natural Shot
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