August 3rd, 2019

Fair Use

Signal Boost: FanWorks digital con details

[ profile] fanworks posted: FanWorks digital con details
Schedule and Streaming Vidshows

The con zine, featuring fic, art, and podfic, will go live on Thursday night, as will a full copy of the con program. Streaming vidshows will go live individually, timed to start when the vidshows start at the con. (For example: Introductions, which starts Friday at 1:00PM at the con, will be available for streaming starting Friday at 1:00PM Eastern.)

Once vidshow streams have gone live, they will be available on demand; any vidshow that has debuted at the con will be available for playback at any time.

All digital content will remain available for at least 90 days following the con.

How to Purchase a Digital Membership to FanWorks
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