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Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
[Unknown LJ tag] posted: Request: Vid Tagging Assistance, Vid Streaming Alternatives
Requesting assistance in tagging vids using Excel (2013/2016/2019). If you have Office 365 this would be ideal as we can collaborate in real time similar to what you see in those ads for Google docs co-authoring where you see the names of people typing as flags. Additionally, if you have ever wanted to get up to speed with Excel for work or to get work this could be one way of doing so while also watching and tagging vids. I teach Excel as well.

Vid Streaming Alternatives

Requesting beta tester of a vid streaming alternatives. If you have an interest in vid streaming services that are either an alternative to  or compliment to You Tube & Vimeo then you can help test out some functionality on some of these alternatives and provide feedback and suggestions. You'd also click around to make sure everything works. I'd also love to hear thoughts about what works and doesn't work about current options.

If you have any questions about either feel free to contact me by clicking here
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