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Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
05:34 pm: The Women Who Coined the Term ‘Mary Sue'
05:34 am: Geeking Out About Fanfiction with Tor.com Publishing Authors at BookCon!
06:45 am: Episode 113: Women in Trek Fandom: Jacqueline Lichtenberg
08:17 am: Kirk/Spock Survey for the University of Oxford
08:27 am: Signal Boost: New vid! Want - Hannibal!
08:03 am: Need help testing a streaming vid
09:32 pm: 1994: Star Trek, Star Wars, MUDs and Sex. When geeks and nerds...
07:21 pm: Vid Rec: redscullyrevival: “Bad Guy” (Enterprising Women)
03:21 pm: To boldly go...
11:22 pm: FOUND!!! Does anyone remember who published the Due South zine "Serge Protector" - 1 comment
11:43 pm: Signal Boost: Good Omens Vid
11:37 am: Signal Boost: Request: Vid Tagging Assistance, Vid Streaming Alternatives
03:30 pm: Wading the Weird Waters of Fan Fiction with the Women Behind "Slash"
04:31 pm: "Editing Fanlore is often a very fun (and funny)
10:58 pm: Signal Boost: Vidshow Discussion Post: 2009 Retrospective
09:18 pm: Sharing Your Fanvids To Instagram