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May 2019 - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now — LiveJournal
The Here And Now
07:26 am: Signal Boost: Best editing codec working in Lightworks & Windows?
06:07 pm: Signal Boost: The Vidder’s Lament: Source Need - 3 comments
08:10 pm: Signal Boost: Simon Pegg and Nick Frost Adapting Ben Aaronovitch’s Rivers of London for Television
02:34 am: The Evening Sun Fri May 6, 1966 announcing a new TV show...
02:34 am: “Frankly, your humble reporter can take
06:34 pm: Star Trek premiered in the fall of 1966.The Odessa American Sat...
10:39 am: Signal Boost: ConneXions Registration
10:40 am: Signal Boost: FanWorks 2019 Panels!
10:55 am: Signal Boost: The Future We Imagine Is the Future We Get
06:38 pm: Tarzan and Star Trek both premiered in the fall of 1966.Mt...
06:34 pm: That first Star Trek episode was not impressive. Spock was the...
05:06 pm: Star Trek in 1966 was just another BEM (bug eyed monster) TV...
03:16 pm: Same newspaper article, two different headlines.The
05:06 pm: By 1971, Star Trek was seen either as a wacko cult or an...
11:06 pm: Star Trek fashion review.The Philadelphia Inquirer Tue Aug 2,...
10:44 pm: Signal Boost: RCW 139 Con -- one week left to register!
11:00 pm: Signal Boost: Living in Hope is a Discipline: Fire Logic by Laurie J. Marks
10:13 am: Vidding Talk at Wiscon 2019
05:48 pm: 2008 Was A Rough Year
07:15 pm: Cool panel this year at Wiscon 2019.Panel notes can be found...
08:24 pm: Vidding Meta From 2008
08:44 pm: Signal Boost: Looking for vids to Vienna Teng songs!
08:51 pm: Signal Boost: Zine, Vid Show, Programming, Random Thoughts
08:57 pm: Signal Boost: FFA DW Post 1085 - AO3 and FanArt
09:04 pm: Signal Boost: FanWorks 2019 Panels!
11:24 pm: Signal Boost: Vidding Talk at Wiscon 2019
07:28 am: FOUND!! Looking For Vidder Chaila/Chaila43
09:18 am: Things we are enjoying
09:21 am: Where To Find Vidding/FanVid Talk
10:43 am: How does this look in your browser? (Pinboard)
11:52 am: Vidding Linkspam May 28, 2019
03:31 pm: Cataract Surgery
12:14 am: The Year Is 2008 And The OTW Is Just Forming
10:54 am: Signal Boost: Fanvid Meta From March 2008
11:38 am: Vidding Meta From May 2007: Submitting Fanvids To Fan Conventions
11:53 am: Vidding Meta From June 2007: On The Rules Of Vidding
01:01 pm: Vidding Meta 2008: Seven Things I Know about Vidding