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Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Vidding Linkspam April 3, 2019
[community profile]fanworks FanWorks Convention Needs Your Vids
Throughout the con weekend, there will be a room dedicated to showing vidshows (curated playlists of vids) on a large screen. Vidshows will also be available to stream online for both attending and supporting members at any time during or after the con. In order to show vidshows, the con needs... vidshows! Each vidshow will run the length of one panel (45 minutes, or slightly under) and will be centered on a specific theme/topic submitted by the VJ (curator). Vidshows typically feature multiple vidders and fandoms. Examples of themed vidshows...  

Connexions 2019 is looking for vids!
Connexions, a little every-other-year slash con held just outside Washington D.C., is seeking vids made between August 2018 and August 2019 for its vidshow.  
VidUkon Convention: Call for recs: behind-the-scenes vids?   "We are looking for vids about behind the scenes stories. Like, specifically vids that focus on how the media source is made or what the cast and crew get up to behind the camera. We want to try to keep the emphasis on TPBT creation rather than fan creation, if that makes sense. So, more 'Long Live' than 'Pressure'. " https://calvinahobbes.dreamwidth.org/198305.html
Resource: Vid song consultant for (no-cost!) hire  [personal profile] hopelesse : "Have you been turning a vid idea over and over in your head, but you can't find the perfect song that'll drive your idea home? Apparently this is a problem! And I'm here to help."  https://vidding.dreamwidth.org/388895.html

"so I had this idea to see if I could vid in imovie on my ipad so I could take it on vacation with me. not even getting into the gesture based interface, I fully expected getting clips in to be the biggest pain in the ass. I was not wrong. "

"we had the Gen songvids panel. I had suggested this panel idea and Jan loved it--each panelist brought a favorite vid or two to show and talk about why we loved it."

"Yay vids!!!! The show this year featured 14 vids--7 gen and 7 slash. A great bunch as usual"

 "We started off with Jan's choice, "Tainted Love" by the Media Cannibals, a comic look at a very unhealthy Mulder/Krycek dynamic"

Musings on vidding 
"There was a point in working on my equinox_exchange vid that I didn't think my idea would work. "

"Now most of these videos are at least 73% blocked. (82% if it was previously blocked in Asian countries.)"  

"...Just make things because you want to. Don’t let perfectionism kill ideas. Or you’ll end up with an endless graveyard of them .....Making that silly middle school-esque fanvid was the most fun I had video editing in a while ..."

".. I would prefer a fan video that’s edited smooth and well thought out that’s a short version of a song than the full song with a bunch of unfitting clips." 

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