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Where to host your vids (and possibly your podfic and fan art) - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Where to host your vids (and possibly your podfic and fan art)
 Fans! Workers! Seize control of the means of hosting production! Host your own vids, podfic, fan art outside the control of Tumblr, Youtube and the rest of the social media world.

I'll be lazy and just quote here

So </a></b></a>morgandawn  asked me to write up this guide as it may be helpful to people who:
  • Create fan art that needs hosting before being able to post on ao3 or other places (images, videos, audio files etc)
  • Need a place they can upload those media files that isn't youtube etc where take-downs are automated
  • Is the cheapest trustworthy place I can find (like, for a lot of you this might be effectively free)
  • Doesn't require training as a sysadmin to set it up
  • Allows porn (backblaze just say nothing illegal, bunnyCDN specifically say they allow it as long as it's legal)
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