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Update: Tumblr Instant Blog Terminations - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Update: Tumblr Instant Blog Terminations
 Well..that was special

So for a full 17 minutes, my Tumblr was terminated without any notice.  As in…I hit post and my blog was terminated immediately.   I had posted asking for feedback on web-hosts that would host adult blogs and had asked about one specific site (Name Redacted)* which I have now learned is a  web-host that is not allowed on Tumblr. So I have my feedback about Name Redacted…just not quite the way I expected.

The good news is that Tumblr restored my blog quickly (thank you Staff for the swift response). But  I stand by my previous comment: 

Even if you do not have any NSFW images/content, import or backup now now. Tumblr is flagging everything from rocks to carrots and once Dec 17 hits, you may not be able to download a backup or import the full blog into Wordpress if items are flagged/made private. Or Tumblr may roll over on the morning of Dec 17  like a drunken sailor and crush your blog into pieces even if you’ve only posted a few Sesame Street photos (yes they flagged Big Bird too). “

*I had also included a partial link to the site in the following format because I had been warned that Tumblr is cracking down on external links. I can tell you that this will not offer you protection folks.: ex:  fakelinkfakelink(.)com will not save you.

Support wrote: “In the future please refrain from posting links or content from sites that violate our policies on Spam & Deceptive links (like Name Redacted) or your account will be automatically terminated again.”

Another important note: I partially listed the URL of an adult web-host in my post for the sole purpose of asking for input about the web-host. The web-host appears on many “Top 10 Adult Web-hosts”. Bottom line: there are no “safe” ways of communicating on corporate owned platforms. Look at what is happening on Facebook, Messenger and Instagram. Even your private communications on these platforms can be censored (and yes this time I am using the word censor).

I asked someone to test a link to Porn Hub on a throwaway blog and it was OK. A mention of the Web-Host Name Redacted in the Subject was OK. But as soon as Web-Host Name Redacted came near* the letters “Com” that blog was instantly terminated. 

tl:dr: if you happen to offer a path to a website they do not like......poof.  I don’t know what websites or web-hosts they consider to be ‘spam and deceptive”. No visibility to banned sites/web-hosts plus instant termination = Fubar.  Imagine what will happen the day you link to someone’s fanfic or art hosted on a site that they do not approve of. That no one has told you about.

*They were barely touching. Really.

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