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Help Save Tumblr Blogs - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now — LiveJournal
The Here And Now
Help Save Tumblr Blogs

We, the archive team, think that petitions will change nothing. That is why we are prepairing for the worst. We have dealed with Yahoo before. They killed GeoCities with little warning (read more). Currently Flickr another Yahoo subsidiary is on the death bed too. That is because all accounts which have more than 1000 pictures will be frozen and many pictures deleted until 1000 remain. We do not have high hopes that Yahoo will turn around on this one issue of many. Do not get us started on theirBlogs, Video Platform and Groups.

We attempt to archive most of the NSFW blogs of tumblr. Instead of signing partition you can back up your own data and tell us about your favorite endangered blogs so we can archive them.

The tag of the campaign is #tumbledown btw. You can learn more about us here: https://17decemberarchive.tumblr.com/post/180795765906/save-endangered-tumblrs-before-17-december

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