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WayBack Machine Archiving Tips For Any Blog - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
WayBack Machine Archiving Tips For Any Blog
 Since Tumblr will no longer show my posts on my blog (you have to follow me now)

WayBack Machine Archiving Tips For Any Blog

These tips apply to your bog. Or that of anyone else’s. You do not have to be the blog owner to archive through the Wayback Machine (WBM).

1. The Wayback Machine allows you to submit a URL to archive.  Read more.

2.  If you have your Tumblr set to endless scroll you have to save each post one by one

3. If you set your Timblr so that there are pages (Previous/Next) you can “bulk” save each page of 5-10 posts and not just each post: 

Ex: https://meeedeee.tumblr.com/page/2


4. If you run a post or a page through the WBM, it is not guaranteed that the  embedded art will also be saved. If there is something you really want  to save, right click on the art and submit the image URL through the WBM machine

5. “Read More” and flagged material may not be archived correctly through the WBM. Check your links.

6. Audio and Video will not be archived

7. Why bother with the WBM? Why not download? Well, you should download your blog, no matter what. But you will be the only person who will see the download. To save the Tumblr post or entire Tumblr blog for future fans to see,use the WBM.

8. Want to save the blog of someone who has died or gone offline? You have  2 choices: submit the pages to the WBM or use the Python script below. 

Download only Tools to archive your blog:

Tumblr’s export tool

Github/Python Tool (you can also use this tool to archive someone else’s blog)

If you need help archiving a blog, Garfield, a fan vidder, is offering to use the Python install on their machine do it for free. 

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