Morgan Dawn (morgandawn) wrote,
Morgan Dawn

Feebly twitching and moaning

 [personal profile] xlorp  and I came back from Vividcon. xlorp ended up with a cold which I  caught a few days later. She is in week 2 and I am in week 1.  Interestingly, I ended up with a fever  of 102 and she  did not. We both have horrible non-stop coughs that even codeine cough syrups won;t ease. We are now both on antibiotics (I never take them because they cause too many other problems) but in this case, I think they are needed.

We're both very weak, not sleeping (cough cough) and feebly twitching and moaning. [A Dreamwidth post with comment count unavailable comments | Post or read on Dreamwidth| How to use OpenID]
Tags: health
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