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Worldcon San Jose - Disability

 I was so excited when I heard  Worldcon (World SciFi Convention) would be here in San Jose. Sadly I cannot go. They do not have enough demands for mobility devices to warrant on site rentals,* so the only way to get one delivered is to have it delivered to the hotel or your home.  We cannot afford a hotel within "walking"** distance (especially  at Worldcon rates) so hotel delivery is out.   However, to transport one of these chairs/scooters  requires a special van lift so home delivery is out.

Which means no ability for local disabled people to attend unless they own their own equipment.

Edited: And frankly at the cost of the ticket ($250 per person) and the lack of programming info (it was only up for a day or two and has not returned  so I have no ideas which days I want to go and which days I must rent a powerchair)  means I've reached a tipping point in cost and complexity.

*They have on site rentals of manual chairs and scooters but not for powerchairs. And the  "what to do with the chair/scooter at the end of the day if you don't have a hotel room and what to do if you are not there every day" still is unclear. I have emailed questions.

**The hotel actually needs to be very close to the convention center because the electric power chairs and scooters burn huge amounts of energy on city streets. You could find yourself stranded if the battery runs out because the hotel is too far away

EDITEDSingle Day Memberships should be available.

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