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WHAT TO DO WITH YOUR FANZINES BEFORE (AND AFTER) YOU DIE! - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now — LiveJournal
The Here And Now
Posted in full at: https://ift.tt/2pJnqxl on March 26, 2018 at 12:14PM (Updated as of March 29,

This may be of help to both publishers and owners of fanzines.

1. Don’t wait until you’re dead. 

2. Resell those zines you no longer need or want. If you do not want to sell them yourself, there are resellers
*Dr Beth on eBay (she will buy them for resale. She also buys bulk collections) She will buy all and give cash upfront and pays shipping. She is good if you need to sell quickly. https://www.facebook.com/ Doctor-Beth-Fanzine-Store-on- Ebay-1514044065508294/
*Jim and Melody Rondeau (they agent - they sell your zine and take a 10% commission). They take all the zines and pay only when the zines sell. You pay the shipping to them. http://www.crossovers.net/makeitgoaway/fanzinehome.htm 
*Orphan zine tables (at Escapade or Revelcon). They take 15% commission. You ship and have to deal with leftovers after the con. https://escapadecon.net/ or http://www.revelcon.com/  
* Requiem Fannish Flea. 15% Commission. You may either ship to Requiem or deal with shipping orders yourself. http://flea.ravenshadow.net

3. No market for the zines? If you want them to remain in fandom circulation, donate them to
*Escapade zine library  https://escapadecon.net/ 

*K/S Press Library (Star Trek slash) https://fanlore.org/wiki/The_K/S_Press  Contact:  catalenamara at yahoo dot com   (Note: they also have a European branch, which accepts donations)

*Beauty and the Beast fanzine library  http://www.crystalroselendinglibrary.com/

If  there are no fandom specific libraries and/or you are  looking for a charitable donation/tax write-off, donate them to one of the 3 universities who will accept them.  Most will pay for the cost of shipping. Here is a flyer that explains. http://www.mediafire.com/folder/j66kxj8w7t87z/Fanzine_Flyer

4. Oops, You’re Dead (this really falls under “Don’t Wait Until You’re Dead)
If you have a will or a trust, spell out what you want to do with the zines. Include  multiple options (”my zines go to my friend Mary Sue. If she is no longer living or reachable, please donate them to University of X“)

If you don’t have a will or trust ….at least tell your family and friends.

5. The Fail-safe Solution.  
No matter what you choose above, tuck a note inside your zines discussing what you want to happen to them after you pass.  You can print out the fanzine flyer (see above) and stash multiple copies in among your zines. Scribble on the flyer - Please donate my zines. Thx, bye!

6. Don’t Forget The Rest….
The fandom history archives at Universities want more than just zines. Your letters, correspondence.  Fanzine flyers and convention program guides. Fan Art. Fan Vids (yes, even VCR tapes) . Filk!  If you are downsizing  now, contact morgandawn at gmail dot com. and she can help guide you on what to do with the non-fanzine materials.

7. Publishers Final Note: if you are a zine publisher and want your works to be digitally preserved, contact morgandawn at gmail dot com.  She  can put you in touch with Texas A&M University  who is scanning and archiving fanzines for their closed special collection.

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