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Vidders.Net and VidderTube: Fan Run and Fan Funded Streaming Video Platforms - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Vidders.Net and VidderTube: Fan Run and Fan Funded Streaming Video Platforms

Currently, there are few fan-run streaming video sites that offer hosting for fanvids. Vidders.net, which is run off the Ning platform, offers members uploads at 15 fps. VidderTube, which is also run by the moderator of Vidders.net, offers members HD/30fps uploads for a modest annual fee.
Both Vidders.net and VidderTube are the only fan run alternatives to YouTube that are white listed for embedding at AO3.   Because they're low profile, they are able to offer YouTube vidders a haven for streaming fanvids that are  blocked on YouTube. Both networks are set up to archive and back up any content hosted on their network. 
Projects that Vidders.net/VidderTube have worked on this year:
1. Set up alternative streaming for a vidder whose vids had recently been blocked on YouTube. 
2. Set up a code to backup and/or import a vidder's entire YouTube channel to their network.
3. Offer YouTube vidders the ability to backup their channel video comments.
4. An intuitive cataloging system to filter vids by numerous criteria
5. The ability to distribute & view vids through smart TVs using Kodi/XMBC

Vidders.net current operating expenses is around $650 a year and is funded in most part by member support. Annual costs vary depending on the Ning service plan that is selected.

VidderTube is funded by memberships and the current annual cost is $250 (this cost increases with more streaming/downloads).
If you are interested in supporting Vidders.net's efforts by making a donation go here vidders.net/main/authorization/signUp (you can sign up using Google, Facebook, Twitter, or You Tube Social Logins as well as creating a Vidders.net account)

If you'd like to become a member of VidderTube to gain access to HD uploads, you can sign up for membership at Vidders.net as well by using the same link above.

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ride_4ever From: ride_4ever Date: September 17th, 2017 08:19 pm (UTC) (Link)
Useful info! TYK!
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