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A 3 Step Plan To Save Healthcare Over The Next 3 Weeks. - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now — LiveJournal
The Here And Now
A 3 Step Plan To Save Healthcare Over The Next 3 Weeks.
Posted in full at: http://ift.tt/2rbFYV1 on June 08, 2017 at 06:16PM

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We’re Going To Need A Bigger Boat Vote! A 3 Step Plan To Save Healthcare Over The Next 3 Weeks.

The Senate is planning on fast-tracking the repeal of the Affordable Care Act in 3 weeks. The bill is being drafted in secret without any input from patients or doctors. The Democrats are not being allowed to participate. There will be no hearings, no town halls, no input from voters. And the “moderates” in the GOP are signaling that they will support taking away healthcare from millions of Americas.

What can you do?


If you live in these states, call your Senator: http://whoismyrepresentative.com/

 TN - WV - LA - ME - AR - AZ - CO - SC - NV - AK & OH

STEP 2: Go to Facebook and type in “Friends in [name of state].” Messenger  your friends, copy and paste them this info/send them a link to this post and ask them to call. If they cannot call, have them fax from their cell phones using ResistBot (https://resistbot.io). If they cannot fax, have them email their Senators. And then ask them to pass the same info on to their friends and families in those states and ask them to do the same.  Also consider emailing a letter to to the editor for the local papers in your state & send them your story, mentioning your Senator. 

If you don’t use Facebook, search through your contacts for people from those states and do the same.

STEP 3: If you are burned out and overwhelmed: please consider reposting on Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, LJ/DW. 

More tips here: https://twitter.com/benwikler/status/872911051628707841

Deadline: we have three weeks. The vote will happen the third week in June (June 26-June 30).

4 Sample scripts below


Sample Script: “SCRIPT FOR SENATORS: Hi, my name is…and I’m a constituent from… [give your zip code]. I am calling because I am very concerned about the millions of people like me who could lose health care and essential services if the AHCA becomes law. (Insert personal details as you feel comfortable: I receive care through the ACA or Medicaid, I have a pre-existing condition, I have a disability/a child with a disability, I work in health care or in schools, etc.)  I ask that the senator aggressively oppose ANY legislation that makes it harder for constituents to access affordable insurance or cuts funding for Medicaid and vote against any bill that offers a tax cut to the wealthy at the expense of working Americans, the sick, and disabled. Thank you for your time”

Sample Script: “Hello, my name is ….. and I’m a constituent from… [give your zip code] .  I’m calling to demand that Sen. X do everything in his/her power to block Trumpcare. Trumpcare will destroy Medicare and Medicaid, defund Planned Parenthood and take health care away from people with pre-existing conditions. Tens of millions of Americans could lose their health coverage if the Senate advances Trumpcare. I expect Sen. X to do the right thing and protect Americans from this deadly and reckless bill. Can I count on Sen. X to vote no on Trumpcare? Thank you for your time.”

Sample Script:  “ Hello, my name is ….. and I’m a constituent from… [give your zip code] .  I’m calling (SENATOR) to make certain that the new health care bill ....(List your favorites from below)

  • Doesn't cut $880 BILLION from the safety-net Medicaid program;
  • Doesn’t reduce premium subsidies for moderate-income families
  • Doesn’t charge older Americans a huge increase, up to 750% increase above their current bill.
  • Doesn’t discriminate against people with pre-existing health conditions;
  • Doesn’t take away essential health benefits from insurance coverage; and
  • Doesn’t defund Planned Parenthood;
  • Doesn’t make women pay more than men;
  • Doesn’t put annual and lifetime caps back on the table;
  • Doesn’t cut Special Education funds for special needs kids (funded by Medicaid!);
  • Doesn't allow corporations to stop providing coverage without fines.

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