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"Now, I am political." - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
"Now, I am political."
 "What do we do now?" Gordon asked.

"Now get out and pick a cause," one responded.....

"......What happened today was the incompletion of a crazy "hail Mary" pass -- but also the launch of a movement that nobody saw coming. In the six weeks since, Trump's election, an uprising has been brewing that's heavily anchored and often led by women -- women who for the most part cared nothing for politics before the short-fingered vulgarian of Manhattan real estate launched into his orbit. 

Call it the "good girls revolt," in honor of 2016's short-lived Amazon TV drama about women magazine writers rising up against their misogynistic culture in the early 1970s. The show may have been canceled, but the spirit lives on in places like Philadelphia's western suburbs. Suddenly, women whose involvement in civic affairs once rarely extended beyond Parent-Teacher Night are now running political Facebook groups, trading the phone numbers of their local congressman (because in Pennsylvania, they're all men), and looking for places to bunk in January when they march on the White House......."


 "........a local woman named Sarah Stone joined with others to create a group called Tuesdays with Toomey that now shows up once at week at his Philadelphia office to tell their stories and raise awareness, at least among his staffers. They started with 5 people and by Week 4 had more than 50; they'll be back this Tuesday at 12:30 to urge the Republican senator to cancel his punitive legislation against so-called "sanctuary cities" for undocumented immigrants."


On Jan 21, there will be a Women's March on Washington.
If you cannot make it to DC, there will be local marhces in alsmot every major city in the US. (just type "women's march" and the name of your city.

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