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Fan Run MEDIA Fandom Conventions - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Fan Run MEDIA Fandom Conventions
One downside of the OTW event calendar is that (a) they don't get many submissions about conventions  and (b) when they do, they only post about it in the month the event is happening so it gives no time to plan.

So here is my list of known conventions. It is not comprehensive - the event has to be fan run with a focus on media fandom  and no Creation Cons or actor cons.   As always caveat emptor,  especially with events that don't have a track record.

Multifandom Gen
Mediawest (also has slash programming). May 2016, Lansing, Michigan USA
Southern Media
http://southernmediacon.org/ (Southern USA)

Multifandom Slash
CON.TXTJuly 2016, Arlington VA (mostly slash, gen welcomed)
Connexions - 2017? (East Coast, USA)
Escapade - Feb 2016, Los Angeles, CA USA 
http://get__together.livejournal.com - Wellington, New Zealand, usually early October, multifandom slash focus
PacificCon - April 2016, Seattle, WA, USA (slash and some gen)
 http://www.revelcon.com/ March 2016, (Houston, Texas)
http://sinpozium.livejournal.com - Sydney Australia, usually early June, multifandom slash focus
Slash/Night - Feb 2016, part of the Brighton Digital Festival, UK
TGIFemslash - Feb 2016, Los Angeles, CA USA
Tribal Forces
http://tribalforces.net/ (Pennsylvania, USA)
Wincon (also has gen programing) - moves around the US, 2016 dates and location not yet announced

Doctor Who
Coal Hill Con - May 2016, New Hampshire, USA

Harry Potter
Misti Con (next one in May 2017), New Hampshire, USA

My Little Pony
Everyfree - May 2016, Seattle, WA, USA (note: this event has paid guests, including actors and may be more commercial than fan focused)

The Professionals Slash
http://bistocon.livejournal.com/profile (somewhere in the middle of the USA)

Sherlock Holmes
221BCon - April 2016, Atlanta GA  (note: this event has paid guests, including actors)
Sherlock Seattle - Oct 2016, Seattle, WA, USA (this event is still seeking funding - check out their fundraising page)
A Scintillation of Scions, June 2016, Maryland, USA: 
http://www.scintillation.org/ (pn thier page they also link to another Washington DC event, Gridlock DC that was held in 2015)

Starsky & Hutch Slash
Starsky & Hutch: 
http://www.sharecon.net/ (Maryland)

Star Trek Slash
Kiscon 2015 - USA - just ended so keep an eye out for the next one
Kimset UK - Sept 2016 - Buckinghamshire, UK

Destielcon  Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - (held in 2015 in the USA and they're doing a survey to see if they can host one in 2016)

Vividcon - Aug 2016, Chicago, IL, USA
VidUKon - June 2016, Cardiff, Wales, UK

I am certain there are more events, so I will use this post as a master list that you can link to. Drop a comment or send me an ask if you know of any other fan run, non-actor conventions.

EDITED: This list will focus on media fandom conventions. Many general sci-fi events have some media fandom panels, but I'd like to keep this list focused on TV, movie and anime fandoms and events which do not featured paid guests (actors, authors, show runners, celebrities etc).   Please include a link to the convention's website/tumblr/blog.

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3 comments or Leave a comment
sc_fossil From: sc_fossil Date: November 30th, 2015 05:00 pm (UTC) (Link)
MediaWest is gen? Gosh, after more than a decade you'd think I'd know this! I had no idea since I rarely see much gen! LOL!

Here ya go:
Tribal Forces: http://tribalforces.net/
Revelcon: http://www.revelcon.com/
Southern Media: http://southernmediacon.org/
Pros: http://bistocon.livejournal.com/profile
Starsky & Hutch: http://www.sharecon.net/

Not all the dates are announced yet. Pros and S&H are even numbered years so they'll take place in 2016 as well.
carbonel From: carbonel Date: December 1st, 2015 02:38 am (UTC) (Link)
Wincon is general interest? I thought it was Supernatural pretty much exclusively.

(Never attended, so could easily be wrong.)
sol_se From: sol_se Date: December 7th, 2015 03:31 am (UTC) (Link)
This is awesome for reference. Thanks for listing all these.

I have a friend who helps run another fan con for Sherlock Holmes in Maryland. It's A Scintillation of Scions in June 2016: http://www.scintillation.org/

This leans heavily toward more old school Holmes, but they've started integrating new fannish-ness & BBC Sherlock.
3 comments or Leave a comment