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Sinful Desire Archive Update - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Sinful Desire Archive Update
 The Sinful Desire Archive is evaluating the process of moving the site to AO3. To do this they need two things: 
(a) 1-2 members to help coordinate the migration and 
(b) volunteers to help migrate the stories through a semi-automated process.

Please email mdawn6 @ yahoo.com if you are interested.

The migration process will take some time depending on how many volunteers they are able to get. Once the migration begins, the site will be frozen and no new stories will be added. Currently Sinful Desire has been renewed through March 2016. If the site goes offline before the migration is complete, they will still be able to compelte the migration if there is enough interest and volunteers.

If no one volunteers to coordinate the migration, then the site will not be migrated and it will go offline. Archive migration is driven by community interest.
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