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 I always hate blogging about personal health stuff - or I have… - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
 I always hate blogging about personal health stuff - or I have started to hate it as the years go by. But here goes

*still in the middle of physical therapy for my frozen shoulder. We've learned that I have restricted mobility on both shoulders and problematic area in my upper spine.
*had another round of vertigo treatments - am still not able to sleep on either side (see also "shoulder" above) and have intermittent bouts of wooziness. Vertigo physical therapy should start in a few months.  The vomiting is under control.
*am still having problems sleeping - we will see the second sleep doctor in a few weeks, who will hopefully order the sleep study I needed back in August (the first doctor really dropped the ball on this)
*my ENT ran some more tests (and wants more) and says I am showing signs of early hearing loss (congenital).  Talk of hearing aids but that will have to wait
*the less said about my eyes the better
*ditto for ongoing ob/gyn/gi issues.

On the bright side, it rained this weekend. and I borrowed a book on clicker training for cats. So far Shiro knows how to touch a target. Sitting is 7 our of 10 times. I think he is just humoring me.

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