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Tumblr CrossPost: Strikethrough and Boldthrough - Fanlore - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Tumblr CrossPost: Strikethrough and Boldthrough - Fanlore

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Posted in full at: http://ift.tt/1PnJUu5 at November 04, 2015 at 06:00PM

Strikethrough and Boldthrough - Fanlore:


I think I’m gonna post some Fandom Drama stuff for a while here since I’m sick and tired of watching people repeat history. Because, trust me, these sorts of hijinks are nothing new. Also, don’t let the radfems fool you, women are usually just as depraved as men when it comes to fandom content and drama. Sometimes worse. Who am I kidding? Often worse.

Anyway, the Tl:dr is: LJ decided to monetize more of the site and bowed to a conservative Christian group, which largely involved them opening the basement doors and cleaning out all of the child porn. There’s a few things to keep in mind here…

- Livejournal has always been pretty heavily female dominated. By heavily, I mean, a community of 300 people would only have three to five guys in it. Seriously. Guys were like unicorns in LJ fandoms.

- Naturally, the purge pissed a lot of people off, and not just the people who were mistakenly axed. Porn depicting underaged characters has been a staple of fandom for some time, and much of the discussion in the above link is by women who were DEFENDING it as a harmless exploration of sexuality (since no actual children were involved, and at the end of the day it was all fiction/drawings (which I agree with, even though I detest the stuff).

- I am 100% certain that many of the women who once drew underaged characters in various fucked up situations now lead the charge against child porn. Likely because they now have children of their own, and have forgotten what they drew/wrote as teenagers.

- Oh yeah, a good portion of LJ’s most prolific NC-17/M rated artists and writers were teenaged girls. So it was often 15 year olds drawing or writing porn of 12 year olds. Boys, usually. Gotta have that shota.

- Something similar happened to DeviantArt but I haven’t located that rundown of events yet (if anyone even bothered to document it). Many people flounced and came to Tumblr where presumably they could post their pre-timeskip NaruSasu yaoi in peace (they’re 12, before the timeskip, btw - could hardly browse the Naruto tag without running across it).

- Where they were hounded again when Yahoo bought the site and decided to try to contain the porn, and crack down on the underaged stuff. Again, this heavily effected a lot of female fanartists, and people were generally pissed. But I’m guessing most of you don’t remember any of that, even though it only happened a few years ago.

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