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Tumblr CrossPost: caswouldratherbehere:deansangelicp - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Tumblr CrossPost: caswouldratherbehere:deansangelicp

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I finally get it.  I finally understand what bugs the haters so much about DestielCon.  This is gold.

They keep making the argument “Why can’t you just do that in your pjs over Tumblr?  Why can’t you just go out to eat and hang out?  Or Skype?  You’re paying to see your friends that’s so obsessive and weird.”

They honestly have no earthly idea how many Destiel shippers there actually are.  They’re either completely ignorant of it or are choosing to not look into it.  Because those suggestions are all fine and dandy when there’s like, fifteen of you or something.  Hell even like twenty.

But there’s WAY more than that.  There was over a hundred people that came to the con last year, THE FIRST ONE EVER, which is entirely UNHEARD OF when it comes to fan made cons to have those kind of numbers on its first run-through.  I don’t know the count from this year’s con, but it’s likely more than last year.

You can’t fucking Skype with over a hundred people at a time.  You can’t just go out to eat with a hundred people, especially since they’re scattered everywhere across the country.  Those suggestions are absolutely ludicrous to consider when you have THAT MANY people that want to convene and have fun together.

I can’t stop laughing I mean, this is hilarious.  They’ve been telling themselves Destiel fans are so small and only 1% etc etc for so long that they literally cannot wrap their head around the fact that our numbers REQUIRE a convention environment if we want to all convene and celebrate with each other at the same time.  Like come on.  That’s fucking brilliantly ignorant.


140 this year. And yes, that’s a very, very tiny fraction of the destiel fandom. I’d guess the bulk of the destiel fandom still doesn’t know about the con, and of those that do, even more can’t make it to due to schedule conflicts, traveling expenses, or just being way too far away to be able to consider it. There a plethora of reasons someone might not be able to make it. Then there are some aren’t in to the idea, and that’s fine too.

140 sounds small but in context to other fan conventions, that it only just finished its second year, and other outside factors, that’s huge.

And yeah, I’d like to see a Skype call with 140 people. Epic.

As someone who started participating in fandom both online and going to in person events, it seems odd to favor only one way of interacting with fellow fans. I love both types.

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