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Draft - How To Post From Tumblr To Dreamwidth or Livejournal -Longer Version - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Draft - How To Post From Tumblr To Dreamwidth or Livejournal -Longer Version
  1. Create an IFTT account

2. Click on this "Recipe" to start posting from Tumblr to either Dreamwidth or Livejournal (note: on Livejournal you need to have a Paid Journal to use this method)
3. In the "Single Tag" section add the Trigger Tag you will apply to Tumblr entries. This tag will tell the Recipe when to cross-post to Dreamwidth. 
If you want to send all Tumblr posts to Dreamwidth or Livejournal use this recipe instead.
4. In the "To Address" add the "Post to Dreamwidth/Livejournal By Email" address. This address will include a PIN Code. On Dreamwidth you can find the address + pincode that you can find here and here. On Livejournal the info is here (note: on LJ you will need a paid account to post by email)
5. Click the "Add" button
6. Go to the Recipe and click "Publish".
7. Exit IFTT
8. Go to tumblr and write your post. Don't forget to add the Trigger Tag to your post
9. If the post does not appear on your tumblr within 30 minutes, try logging back into IFTT, Open up the recipe and click "Check Now"

Notes: your DW/LJ will have all the features of a regular post - if you use an age content restriction as a default, it will have one applied.  If you gave set your posts to be Friends Locked by default, it will be locked etc Some images and video embeds may not show up, so you may want to include a clickable link to the video or image. And last, the date of your DW post may be advanced depending on the dates being used by Tumblr servers.  In my case it advances the post date by 8 hours.
Second Note: your hyperlinks will be stripped and if the reblog has numerous comments, the dividers will be removed.  All comments lumped into one post attributed to the original poster. I would not use this method to cross-post discussion type reblogs or reblogs with commentary.

Instructions on the Reverse Method: Posting From Dreamwidth/Livejournal to Tumblr.

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