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Fannish executorship (syn: Norwegian Blue) - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Fannish executorship (syn: Norwegian Blue)



This is not a new concept, just one I kept forgetting to implement until a few nights ago. I created a custom access filter on Dreamwidth, and added a short entry with my fannish accounts and passwords, and instructions for archiving them in the event that I fall out of my treehouse. To be clear, I have no intention or expectation of doing so! I’m living till I’m 100 if it kills me. But, just in case, I’ve got a fannish executor/person who has my personal details. I’m lucky to have a good crossover friend to take the job: we met online, and she knows which sites I’m active on, but we’re also currently housemates. If I fell out of a treehouse while vacationing in Canada, my parents would phone her.

Please consider doing something similar. Vanishing acts are heartbreaking.

Signal boosting because this is important. (It is also the reason I have a .txt file in my VividCon folder called “in the event of renenet’s untimely death.”)

People with AO3 accounts can (and should!) designate a Fannish Next of Kin: “someone who would gain access to your account in case of death or incapacitation. By naming another individual who can act on your behalf, you can decide ahead of time how you want your AO3 accounts handled going into the future.” See Fanlore for more information about Fannish Estate Planning.

Additional (not fandom-oriented) information is available. The “social media will” link on the AO3 page is broken, but you can find it and other relevant pages via the Wayback Machine: How and Why You Should Write a Social Media Will is specifically about social media, and the Writing a Will page includes a section about social media. You can also read more about “Digital Property Planning.”

I love that the Fanlore page on Fannish Estate Planning says : 

Related terms: Ex-Parrot”

Cause I do not plan to die. I plan to pine for the fjords forever.

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