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Fandom: The Only Rule For Entry Is That You Want To Be Here - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Fandom: The Only Rule For Entry Is That You Want To Be Here

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“My favorite fandom story is about how when my dad found out I was super into Kirk/Spock, his eyes lit up as though Christmas had come early. “Hold on just a second,” he said, and hustled down to the basement. He eventually emerged triumphant with a limited-edition fanzine from the ‘70s that was nothing but vintage Kirk/Spock fic, complete with epic illustrations and poetry. “One of my friends submitted a piece to this anthology,” he said. “She gave me a copy.“ 

People don’t stop being nerds when they get older. See also: the creators of "House, M.D.”  and “Wicked” and every other “adaptation” of beloved stories that is just another word for “sanctioned official fanfic au.” Who do think writes that? Fans do. Fans who grew up loving their favorite stories and wanted to keep playing with them. And I guarantee so many more Fans Of A Certain Age are lurking on tumblr or twitter or the AO3 or deviantart than you think.

Let’s put this idea to rest, shall we? Fandom is for lovers. That’s the only rule for entry, that you WANT to be here.

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