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Fanlore: June Bloom Week 1: Your Current Fandom - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Fanlore: June Bloom Week 1: Your Current Fandom

June Bloom Week 1: Your Current Fandom

To kick off June Bloom, why not create some pages for your current fandom love?

Help share your love for and preserve the history of your current fandom by documenting it on Fanlore! Here are some ideas to get you started:

What are your current fandoms?

  • Do you love a shiny new fandom that doesn’t have a Fanlore article yet? Start one and help recruit more fans!
  • Are you part of a megafandom? Help other fans find the fandom’s hidden gems by making pages for your favorite fanworks!
  • Part of a small fandom? Help others know where to look to find fanworks, discussion, and fellow fans!
  • Part of a fandom with an open canon? Help document the current state of the fandom, and preserve those wacky fan theories before they getJossed! Even if the canon jumps the shark, let the fannish gems shine!

What is the most recent fanwork that you loved?

What’s the last fic you read, podfic you listened to, vid you watched, or other fanwork you consumed, that blew you away? Make sure it’s not forgotten!

What current events are causing a stir in your fandom?

  • Tyler Hoechlin leaving Teen Wolf as a regular? Make pages for all your favorite Sterek fics, all the Derek Hale vids, or your favorite Sourwolf fanart.
  • Hannibal coming back this week? Celebrate by eating the rude creating a Hannigram or Bedannibal page, or pages for the fanworks that held you over between seasons.

What have you fallen in love with recently?

A new character? Pairing? Fan author or artist? Come forth and gush!

Remember: don’t feel pressured to write a long, involved analysis for a topic. Fanlore is a wiki, so someone else will come along to polish things up and flesh things out. Simply starting a stub will plant a seed that will grow and bloom into a full article!

Need more inspiration? Check out Fanlore’s Wish List

Not sure how to get started? See Help:Tutorial and Help:Starting a new page


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