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The Invisible Third Party - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
The Invisible Third Party
 I made a post yesterday about how technology interacts with fandom culture (here).

One of the tumblr posters raised a good point in her follow-on comments: that we should not confuse content creation with communication. That while tumblr may be poor (for some) for communication and community building, it is an asset to many for visual content creation.  I found her original post to be very helpful in understanding how visual fans responded better to tumblr and how an image friendly platform has enabled more fans to become content creators.  And look!  It helped further the creation of gifsets as a fandom art form.
I guess what I am saying is that I hope the next platform facilitates both visual and textual content creation as well as visual and textual communication. I saw a tumblr post this weekend that talked about how the recent Mad Max movie is told  mainly visually and is more universally accessible to viewers which ties neatly into this topic.
And last, even while some of the discussion has fallen back into the old pathways (LJ good, tumblr bad...and no one is talking about twitter cause....twitter), the fact that technology has often been an invisible party to fandom communication (and content creation) these past decades is something worth talking about.   Or blogging. Or re-blogging. Or tweeting. Or Facebooking (is there a word for Facebooking?) 
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