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Updates - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
 Week 2 of limited net connectivity (3 days offline in row). new service ordered (comcast, shudder)  but won't be installed until this weekend.  we have to ration our phone data plan for [personal profile] xlorp 's work, so online access will be spotty,

in the meantime ebooks-tree: what to do, what's happening

and you do not need to give credit card info to download the fic or books. If you must click on a link to see your fic, see these posts:

also, the
dmca.com badges that people are using link to a pay site that charges you for dmca takedowns. While registering gets you one 'free" takedown, I would be dubious signing up for something that charges $10 for "self-service" DMCA removals.

reminder: this is the Internets. Scraping and linking and archiving and sharing and reblogging and uploading will never be "resolved" or "stopped". Follow the AO3's suggestions about locking your fic and do not be freaked if this happens again and again.  Also keep this in mind when objecting to fans who are sharing or linking to your fanworks for the love of fandom...there are bigger and more troubling forces out there that will seek to profit from fandom. Do not stabby stab one other when the sharks are circling.

and last.....

Here Is Some Context For Your  Fandom Freakout

eBooks piracy has been a challenge for many published and indie authors for a while. You are in (good?) company. A site similar to ebooks-tree is Tuebl

http://www.mtoddgallowglas.com/daily-rants/ebook-piracy-hard-numbers/ (2015)

http://goodereader.com/blog/e-book-news/ebook-publishers-may-soon-sue-isp-providers-over-pirate-ebooks (2014)

http://badredheadmedia.com/2014/07/09/5-tips-handling-dreaded-ebook-pirates-guest-macpetreshock/ (2014)

http://www.digitaltrends.com/mobile/ebook-piracy-safer-than-purchase/ (2013)

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