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Henneth Annûn Story Archive to Shut Down - Need Volunteers for Move to Open Doors - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Henneth Annûn Story Archive to Shut Down - Need Volunteers for Move to Open Doors


Henneth Annun is an archive of fanfiction centered around the creative universe of J.R.R. Tolkien. Authors base their stories on all of J.R.R.T.’s works, including The Silmarillion, The Hobbit, Lord of the Rings, and the History of Middle-earth series (HoMe).

Fans of Middle Earth fic of all kinds!  The venerable HASA has been attacked by hackers and the mods have decided that it’s no longer safe for the archive to remain as it is.  Over 6,000 fics are hosted there, many of which were written by now-inactive members.  Therefore, HASA needs volunteers to help move “orphaned” fics from an interim site to OTW’sOpen Doors site.  No special IT skills needed, just the patience to help move stories to a safer home using OW’s tools.  The move will not happen before December: HASA will close in early December and the archive as a whole will be moved to an interim site.  Click the link above to see the thread about the closing and future of HASA’s Research Library and Fic Library.  Contact the mods on the related LJ comm here if you can help with the transition to Open Doors.  If that still sounds daunting, you still might want to take part instead in the Story Rescue Project, which involves use of internet research skills.

Middle Earth was my first really active online fandom.  I mean active here as a personal word; I was much more active than previously.  Although I started reading anime fic on FFN and elsewhere, the making of the LoTR films inspired tons of fannish activity.  For the first time I found myself commenting on fics and reading fannish discussions and encountering wank.  It was also my first high-quality fandom, by that I mean I ran into a sizeable number of excellent fics.  Many are now housed on HASA and similar archival sites.  I hope that my and other hands can help preserve one part of a terrific fandom.

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