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Why Is There No K/S Art Gallery? - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Why Is There No K/S Art Gallery?

The original of this drawing arrived in the mail today. I wish we could put together a traveling gallery of all the stunning K/S fan art to take to fan conventions. Until then, enjoy this low resolution version.

From Fanlore, the fan run, non-profit wiki about media fandom

Pieta back cover First Time #46, [artist: Shelly Butler]. The pose, which is an art classic, was used decades earlier in the drawing by Wendy Pearson accompanying the poem Pieta in Starbase M.T.L. #6. One comment on the work: "The image is a reflection of the glorious sculpture, Pieta. Here, a long-haired Spock lovingly holds an angelic Kirk on his lap. Notice Spock’s hand delicately and gently placed on a vulnerable Kirk’s belly. Kirk’s blissful, sublime expression relates to their intimate relationship, and a soft light seems to shine on him.

Another fan wrote this: “The impression I get from Pieta is that Spock is preparing to infuse the man in his lap with something great, mysterious, and ultimately very powerful. Dare I call it by its name? Love.”

 More art commentary is here.

The drawing won a STIFfie Award in 1997.

PS. I did contact a few of the fandom archives about displaying fan art - while they can preserve/archive fan art, they do not have space to display it. That is typical of most special collections.

PPS. How awesome is it that there are "a few...fandom archives" in the US? 

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