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The Tale of Two Decades - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
The Tale of Two Decades

The year is 2014:

"On the eve of the brand new season of Doctor Who, yesterday the BBC and Federation Against Copyright Theft teamed up to close a long-standing fansite. Following an in-person visit, Doctor Who Media shut down immediately. Its domain name will soon be taken over by the BBC."  Source

The year was 1985 and this was written by an fan editor whose Miami Vice newsletter had been shut down by the studios:

“I was the editor of a small letterzine called ‘Vice Line,' which managed to publish 1 issue before being hit with fandom's greatest horror, the dreadedCease and Desist notice. Receiving it was particularly painful for me, as I had just spent 8 months moving heaven and earth to keep ‘Miami Vice’ from being cancelled, and while I didn’t expect the producers to throw roses at my feet, I didn’t expect this either. Within days of its debut, the zine was folded, subs refunded, and plans for future fannish endeavors thrown into limbo. The experience left me drained, disillusioned, and angry about the massive amount of waste of time, energy and spirit, of all the people who had worked so hard for so long. I vowed I would never again lift a finger to do shit for a television show (or anything else for that matter) as long as I lived. There were million other hobbies one could engage in, and this seemed like the perfect time to finish that 5000-piece jigsaw puzzle. It was during this period of fannish-detachment your letters started arriving; letters full of empathy, encouragement and hope, that served to make the void that was left by ‘Vice Line’s’ demise, seem that much larger. I cannot describe the feeling you get from being told that some little thing that you did affected so many people in such a way, they feel your sense of loss as if it were their own…….”

The editor then went on to publish Pop Stand Express, an adzine that allowed fans of smaller TV and movie fandoms to connect with each other.

Read more about the newsletter Vice Line on Fanlore here.

(links go to Fanlore, the fan run Wiki about media fandom)

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