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Want To Help Preserve Starsky & Hutch FanFic? - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Want To Help Preserve Starsky & Hutch FanFic?
  Reposting for Flamingo:

“Some wonderful fans have been doing yeoman’s work helping us preserve our fic at the SH archive. Keri, CC, Dale, Dianne, Duluthgirl, sagittas, hardboiledbaby, Janet, Jenda, shaya, larse, fionulavic, and probably someone I’ve forgotten, have been working hard to upload stories from the Me and Thee Archive and the old SH archive, search for stories with broken links on the BCL, organize information, search for authors, scan and proofread zine stories to archive, and more. What, you thought they were spending their summer at the beach? The only tan these fans are getting is from the glow of their computer screens. 

But real life can’t be put off for long, and some of these hardworking ladies need to get back to pressing issues they’ve been ignoring. And in spite of this impressive list of volunteers, we are only up to the “J’s” in the author list from the Me and Thee archive. We’ve been focusing on that since those stories aren’t currently available. Only a small percentage of the old SH archive has been moved. Moving these stories isn’t hard, but it’s pure grunt work; nothing glamorous about it. Each story has to be transferred individually. So, there’s a lot of work left to be done.

Have some free time? Want to discover fics you’ve forgotten or maybe never read? Help us repost stories from Me and Thee, the Pits, and the old archive. It isn’t hard, and we’ve got a good pdf tutorial that explains it all in words and pictures! Our list of tasks:

1) Moving the Me and Thee Archive. These stories are easy to move since they already have classifications and summaries.

2) Moving the starskyhutcharchive.com. These stories take a little more creativity since they aren’t classified and have no summaries. While this archive is still functional, it can’t be updated.

3) Have a zine collection AND a scanner? Some fans are helping with proof-reading zine fic that’s never been on line (with permissions). However, I’m providing most of the scanning and zine copies, and I can only do that in a limited way. If you already have a scanner and an SH zine collection, you could really help here. We have several proofreaders, but I have trouble keeping up with them to provide more scanned work for them to proof.

Interested in helping? Write me off list at flamingoslim at verizon dot net. If you have made this offer before and didn’t hear from me, please be patient and try again.

Thanks in advance,


Art from the fanzine With a Little Help from My Friends, archived at the SH archive.

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