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Vividcon! - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now

Are you a fan vidder? A fan of fanvids? A vid looking for fans? Well Vividcon is for you: a convention devoted entirely to media fanvids - by fans and for fans.

Reposting:  “It’s three weeks until VividCon, and the official con schedule is now available online!  You can see this year’s vidshow and panel offerings here: http://vividcon.com/schedule.shtml 

Also, if you’d like to volunteer an hour to help out, it’s not too late!  Shoshanna has details here: http://vividcon.livejournal.com/351717.html 

It’s also not too late to register for an attending membership if you’ve been thinking of going to VividCon but haven’t yet taken the plunge… http://vividcon.com/attendingreg.shtml

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