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Is That A Zine On Your Bookshelf....? - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Is That A Zine On Your Bookshelf....?

In 2012, Ziba Perez Zehdar re-discovered zines, those little anti-authoritarian pieces of self-published paper long printed by everyone from science…

"For traditional libraries, however, zines are anomalies—not books, not magazines and not quite graphic novels, the latter of which is itself the latest medium to make its way from popular culture to the institution’s shelves. And yet they are relevant documentations of contemporary culture which, many argue, deserve to be accessed.

Through the utilization of special collections and archives, academic libraries have a little more wiggle room with accepting funky items like zines; and its no wonder that the earliest and largest library inclusions are on college campuses (UCLA and SDSU each have one). But public libraries have a little more trouble justifying incorporating zines into their offerings; and only a handful of systems—like San Francisco, New York, Salt Lake City, Portland and even Jacksonville, Fla.—are accepting donations and scouring resources for more of these little magazines to keep on site.”

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