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Vimeo unveils “Copyright Match” system to remove infringing videos - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Vimeo unveils “Copyright Match” system to remove infringing videos
article here

"The highly popular online video service Vimeo
announced Wednesday that it's introducing a new system called “Copyright Match” to automatically remove copyright-infringing videos from the site."

Edited to add comment from below:

"This article about this change from No Film School isn't as sensationalist as that Ars Technica article, which is disappointing on Ars Technica's part.


In short: Right now, the change isn't affecting already uploaded videos. It'll affect videos being uploaded to the site as of recent. So if you uploaded something prior to today, Vimeo isn't going to make you change or delete anything with copyrighted images and/or music yet. But if you try to upload a video today with copyrighted images and/or music, there's a strong possibility it might get flagged, and it might be an uphill battle to get it deemed "fair use" so it can stay on the site.

I don't trust Vimeo to host my old fan vids any longer before they come for them. From now on, until/unless Tumblr's policy changes, I'll host my videos on Tumblr instead."

edited to add a note about vidders.net. I have not used or tested them extensively so cannot comment about the quality or reliability. You can can check out vidders.net yourself  - they offer up to 5 vids for free. For more than 5 vids they offer a subscription model.

From their FAQ

  1) Is this a free site or is this a paid site? 


 It is both. Viewers who enjoy watching vids can join for free and watch all the vids they want and get updates of new vids related to their favorite fandoms or vidder or even musical artist. Vidders can join and upload up to 5 videos for free and try out the site. If a vidder would like to upload more we are asking they contribute $20/year /$2/month to help offset the storage cost & support the running of the site. We think is a very reasonable for what this site offers and will be offering in the future.  


  Also, if you are a viewer you can support the site by sponsoring a Vidder whose work you'd like to support who may not be able to afford a membership  


 New - If you have Paypal we will credit you $10 for every member you invite who subscribes. Invite 2 people who subscribe and your membership is paid for - invite more and you are making money!  








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