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If there was one thing I would change to make the world better... - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
If there was one thing I would change to make the world better...

...it would be to repeal Citizens United and remove the corporate shield to make the shareholders and managers  of companies personally financially liable for the actions of their corporations. you'd see a different set of market place actions when your CEO realizes his personal ass-ets are on the line.

"The revelation was the private companies have been sharing our data with the government, right? And agreed, it was this unholy alliance, so your trust when you embark with a private company in a relationship in which they’re going to share some of your data, your anticipation is privacy. But if everyone would step back for a second and think about how fucked up it is that everyone trusts Mark Zuckerberg, everyone trusts the Google guys. But it’s like, don’t let the government see any of that shit! It’s like, Guys, are you fucking kidding? These are publicly traded companies with management teams who are, because of the bizarre and somewhat outdated jurisprudence when it comes to shareholder rights in the corporate environment, they have no fucking obligation to their customers or to their employees; they only have obligations to their shareholders. They’re literally coupled to a stock market that is itself increasingly run by artificial intelligence. This is where the whole thing spins into a fucking bowl of fuckin’ disaster. You have a stock market that is increasingly dominated by microtransactions, high-frequency trading conducted by fucking computers that have parameters built into them. That value determines entirely the value of these companies into which we have poured our private thoughts, feelings, associations. Tally all that up and frankly, while I’m not terribly happy about the government having this information, at the very least that’s sort of the Social Contract we entered into when we allowed the government to have police powers domestically. But why is anyone more comfortable with anyone having this information than the head of the NSA? And the reason is they have better fucking PR. They have cute names. And they’re friendly and shiny and happy. But that information is for sale. It’s hard to imagine Facebook being bought out by a, not to sound jingoistic, but by a foreign-held corporation. But who the fuck owns MySpace?"
~ Johnathan Nolan, creator of "Person of Interest"

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