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This time the year is 2007 - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
This time the year is 2007
"I think that fans might want to consider that the nature of the Internet is change - and we need to to keep that firmly in our minds. If Youtube has become more hostile to vidding content, then we need to move ourselves elsewhere - whether to another low profile streaming site or back to our webs.

I would not point the finger at fans who choose to stream their vids and say they are ruining vidding for us - (a) it is counterproductive and (b) it is inaccurate. The RIAA/Studios are the ones 'ruining it' - not just for vidders but for legions of the their fans. They have been battling the democratization and globalization of media for the last decade by refusing to adjust their business models. Seeing vidding as part of that battle may help bring some perspective of how deep and wide the gulf is between fans and the content creators. It is not as if MGM/Viacom/Sony have been 'awakened' by the acts of a few vidders. This is part of a larger strategic battle between Titans.

In other words - we must be clever.... like ducks! And find ways *to work together* as a group to keep vidding going. there are several approaches being undertaken on this front - and none of us know which one will work best."
Youtube Not Safe Any More
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