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iMeem 101: Updated 12/2/2006 - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
iMeem 101: Updated 12/2/2006
If You Are Looking For Vids

1. Fastest way to find a fan made vid is to type "vidding"  into the search bar or use one of the fandom specific codes listed below. iMeem  will break down the search results by category (ex. they will list as categories all the music labeled 'vidding" as well as the videos labeled "vidding." )  Alas, there is no way to type a more refined search ex: vidding AND spn (drop me a note if you find a way) so you are going to have to wade through the search results.

2. Allow the entire vid to cache or "load" before playing for the best playback. (caching  = look for the grey bar below the vid to fill in all the way).

3. Tag as you go - if a vid is missing a tag, you can add it (see list of possible fandom tags below).

4.  For both Fans and Vidders:  Don't forget Playlists - as you watch a vid, you can add it to your own playlist (there is an option below the vid - if you don't have a playlist created, look below the vid and click to "add the vid to a playlist " This will allow you to start the playlist). What the playlist will do is create a mini-sequence of all the vids you like. As an example, I've collected all the Supernatural vids I've found to date and put them into this playlist: http://morgandawn.imeem.com/playlist/6yWFsBLQ/    You can them share or post your Playlist as a way of helping other fans find your favorite fan made vids set to a secific fandom.

If You Are Posting Vids

1. When uploading, consider your category carefully. Ex: I decided not to label my vids as music videos to avoid possible conflicts with the music industry. I chose "other".

2. More importantly, however, is your tagging. Vidding seems to be the more popular tag fans are using. [Note: if you are an anime vidder, you may want to use an anime specific tag since the site currently does not allow for multiple tag searches. Say: avs? Or some other one word combo).   Consider also adding a fandom specific tag (see below) that is not too descriptive. One word tags only since iMeem will not tag more than one word.

3. Supposedly iMeem will also search your text box descriptions of vids - ex. if you type in the description: "This is my Supernatural video set to the music of Johnny Cash," someone could search for your vid by artist or tv show name. I have not seen this work (as of yet) - it is a something to consider when deciding how visible you want your entries to be.

4. Linking back to your website - another factor to consider. If you get a request to take down your vids, linking back to your website may also shut down the vids on your website. Or  it may not. YMMV.

5. Don't forget the Home feature (small link at the very bottom of the page) - this will take you to an area where you can customize your profile - and more importantly allow you to look at your stats.

Fandom Codes

(we're compiling  a list of acronyms over at the iMeem forum here as well as discussing tips and suggestions)
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