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Escapade Art Show - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Escapade Art Show
If you've never been to a fan run convention and want to see what type of fan art/fan crafts are displayed and sold there, the Escapade art show is posting photos of 50 art pieces that were submitted to this year's art show. If you are on tumblr, you can subscribe to the escapadecon tumblr.

And if you are not on tumblr, just check back weekly here: http://escapadecon.tumblr.com/tagged/escapade-art-show and don't forget to scroll back for older entries

Among the items showcased so far...

Teen Wolf - a wolf and his boy
Despicable Me Minion hats (worn by the art show volunteers during the auction)
A dapper Pacific Rim portrait
A knitted Dalek
Thor and Loki linocut

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