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Interview About the New Filk Collection at TAMU - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Interview About the New Filk Collection at TAMU
An interview with Jeremy Brett and Lauren Schiller, archivists at Texas A&M University's Cushing Science Fiction and Fantasy Research Collection. Last year, Cushing began collection filk materials.

About the specific filk collections they've received to date:
"....the first collection we’ve received as part of the new strategy has been from a New Hampshire-based filker who’s supplied us with a box full of audio cassettes from many different filkers, including some prominent ones like Leslie Fish and Meg Davis. He’s also given us some songbooks, including a copy of what’s often considered the very first filk songbook, STF & FSY Songbook, which dates from 1960. Together these two collections will form the nucleus of the larger filk collection we hope to build."

How you can help?

Well, the most direct way people can help is to donate their materials to us! But since Lauren and I are only two people, we can’t be everywhere and so we rely on word-of-mouth to get the news out about us and about the collection. So please spread the good word.

Lauren: If you have any songbooks that say “you know how this one goes” and you know how that one goes? If you don’t know about any existing recordings, please make one and label it so we can know how that one goes too

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