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Viddler Deleting Free Accounts/Vids Going Away March 11, 2014 - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Viddler Deleting Free Accounts/Vids Going Away March 11, 2014
As of March 11, 2014, Viddler, the vidding streaming service used by Festivids and many other LJ based vidders, is closing free accounts and deleting all vids stored in those free accounts. Vidders can convert to paid accounts by paying a monthly fee. Festivids is not planning on keeping their account active beyond March 11, so if you are a Festivids vidder (or a gift recipient  or just a  Festivids fan), you have until March 11 to download and save the vids. For 2013 Festivids participants, this gives you only a few weeks to upload your vids to another server after reveals.

To give some context, I took a sampling of the older Fetsvids from 2011. Around 25% are stored only on the Festivids Viddler account and the vidder has no backup link or alternative download method.  Plus, many Festivids recipients and Festivids fans, along with non-Festivids vidders, are no longer  monitoring LJ or DW so they may remain unaware of the shut-down until it is to late.

Please help share the info on LJ/DW and on tumblr to get the word out to both vidders and fans of vids so they may have a chance to download the vids.

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