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Escapade slash convention swag: coupon code - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Escapade slash convention swag: coupon code

Escapade 2014-black tee shirts
Escapade 2014-black tee shirts by EscapadeCon

If anyone is planning on getting Escapade items there is a 30-50% discount today. Coupon code: SEASONOFLOVE, ends today (2/4/2014)

You can get discounts on mugs, tote bags, buttons, t-shirts and more with the code.

The theme for Escapade 2014 is "Hollywood" and we have a lovely new
theme image to match! Also, because we live in the future, we can now
offer print-on-demand t-shirts through Zazzle!


There are several image variations available and you can get them
printed on a bewildering array of shirts. You can even get tank tops or
hoodies! There are also a large variety of sizes: women's shirts go up
to XL or 3XL depending on the style while the men's styles run bigger,
with the Basic t-shirt going up to 6x.

First pick a design, then choose a shirt style and color. If you're
feeling really adventurous, you can also customize the design by
resizing it and/or moving it to the pocket or the back of the shirt.
You can also add text or other images. The sky's the limit!

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