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Daily Random Zine Post #5 (Just Resting) - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Daily Random Zine Post #5 (Just Resting)
Fanzines are not dead (yet). They're just resting (as can be seen in the photomanip cover below). This Supernatural slash novella by J.M.Griffin, "Requirements" was published in 2008 by GriffinSong Press. The zine is 143 pages long and digest sized. The photomanip artwork on the cover is  by JKay.

(some links go to Fanlore, the fan run wiki about media fandom).

(Earlier I blogged about a tumblr user who was showcasing zines that are being sold on eBay.  The image above is from the original ebay seller ad and here is the link to the original tumblr post. The artist was not credited in either posting).

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