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Prescription Discounts - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Prescription Discounts
In the US, there are chances you or someone you know is taking a medication the insurance will not cover. Or someone who cannot afford health care insurance.

There are several prescription discount programs available. Some require annual membership: AARP ($16/year and you must be 50+), Sam's Club ($55/year). Anyone can use the Costco Pharmacy without membership (oh and you can buy alcohol without membership too -  in some states).  The United Way offers its own free discount card that matches those rates - no membership fees or income limits and you do not have to even sign up: familywize Another great website is NeedyMeds which offers their own discount card.   NeedyMeds also provides info on the many ways you can get help paying for drugs (most are income based). You can also click on your medication and they will provide links to payment help or discounts for that one drug. And you can look up financial assistance plans based on your specific diagnosis.

I ran some medications through these plans and found they match the Canadian Internet pharmacy discussions which means the same savings with a more regulated supply. In my case the drug savings was 20% (brand name). If you can take generics the costs of meds are lower.

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