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The Year Was 1968 And The Concept Of The Female Gaze Had Yet To Be Fully Explored - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
The Year Was 1968 And The Concept Of The Female Gaze Had Yet To Be Fully Explored

While Spockanalia did not bill itself as an erotic or adult zine, it contains the earliest known lay stories. An excerpt from issue #3's story The Alternate (1968) is an example of some fairly racy prose for the time: "He has shifted his position slightly and is inquiring if I am uncomfortable. Strange... he is capable of insisting that I do almost anything that occurs to him if his curiosity demands fulfillment, but he will then be quite gentle and, as long as he is satisfied with the results, take pains to insure that I am not hurt or made to suffer acute discomfort. The point is, after all, not cruelty but satisfaction. For him, the two do not necessarily go together. I pretend not to hear or understand his question, and with a small half-groan-half-growl dig my fingernails into his ribs. He is obviously satisfied that I am not in distress and says no more. His lips wander up from my ear, across my cheek, brush my lips, the gentle movements of his lips and hands punctuated steadily, rhythmically by more virile caresses... you bearded virile bastard, it is I who will penetrate to the center of you and learn your secrets, learn if you are truly a lord to be feared, a black-maned lion who roars and rules, or one of us, with fears and weaknesses..."

The editor responds in issue #4 to reactions to "The Alternate" as well as in anticipation of the story Time Enough in 1969:
We've been told that a couple of the items in Spockanalia #3 are embarrassing, dirty, or downright trashy. If we've embarrassed you, we are sincerely sorry. The recurrence of the theme of sex isn't surprising. Sex is a recurrent theme of life. The recurrence of the theme of sex involving Spock is also unsurprising. We Star Trek femmefans find him attractive and highly masculine. Some of us are articulate, and the result is predictable (and even logical.)

If anyone is seriously concerned.,.psychiatrists regard such feelings as perfectly normal (if they are non-obsessive) and artistic endeavour as a healthy outlet.

Perhaps some of our readers are too accustomed to the tradition, in popular literature, of the male protagonist being aroused by the presence of attractive women. When they find that women write it the other way around, they find it strange. We, the editors of Spockanalia, try our best to print only material which we consider well-written, interesting to us, and written within our format. We do not choose to limit ourselves by eliminating one effective segment of our submissions."

Source: Sexually Explicit Fanworks on Fanlore
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