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Speaking of the early 2000s - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Speaking of the early 2000s
IRC chat rooms. Another thing I had to abandon because of the increasing difficulty sitting and typing. But I found  some old chat logs as I sort through CD-RW disks and this snippet caught my eye (the persons whom I am quoting anonymously are on my reading list so I will be amused if they recognize their 10+year old text.)

[08:19] <XXXX> Old Fen: "We're better because we don't do this new awful thing that's
[08:19] <XXXX> going to ruin fandom."
[08:19] <XXXX> New Fen: "*We're* better because we embrace change, and anyway, our way of
[08:19] <XXXX> doing the same fucking thing is more virtuous."
[08:19] <XXXX> Propellerheads: "It's all just a little bit of history repeating."

around this time, a new fangled thing called "blogs" was taking off and mailing lists were waning, prompting this IRC discussion

[08:26] <ZZZZ> here is the blog
[08:26] <XXXX> okey!
[08:26] <ZZZZ> you should read
[08:27] <ZZZZ> it has some discsusion of the vids too
[08:27] <YYYY> thanks!
[08:27] <ZZZZ> and you can wander onto other blobs on the left sidebar
[08:27] <ZZZZ> just be warned -- blogs -- and people are weird
[08:27] <ZZZZ> that should be sig line
[08:27] <YYYY> IMGLO, blogs are contributing to the comatose state of lists.

[08:43] <XXXX> YYYY- I agree re: blogs keeping the lists quiet
[08:44] <XXXX> and yet I can see that in a sense, blogging will become inevitable.
[08:44] <XXXX> and perhaps positive rather than negative - in that you don't have to *delete* stuff from idiots; just don't visit their blogs.
[08:44] <XXXX> and clicking from blog to blog is no different, really, from clicking from email to email.
[08:44] <YYYY> I think so, too.  I have 29 full, handwritten journals.  I guess I'm out of that phase.
[08:45] <XXXX> In a way, it allows you to create your own, specific email list
[08:45] <XXXX> with *just* the people you want to hear from.

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