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Random Zine Post #1 - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Random Zine Post #1

To show there are zines (a) for everyone and (b) published after 2000, here is the cover of the Stargate SG1/Real Ghostbusters crossover fanzine: Keymaster. The fanzine won the 2002 FanQ (Fan Quality) Award.

The cover art is by Sandy Schreiber who wrote: ""Sheila Paulson liked to have me do the art for her novellas. this was a Stargate: SG1/Ghostbusters crossover. It's the second of two novellas. I tried to draw the real-life actors as well as I could...they're harder than the stylised art of the Ghostbusters. Watercolor on board." Source

Earlier I blogged about a tumblr user who was showcasing zines that are being sold on eBay.  The image above is from the original ebay seller ad and this is the direct link to the original tumblr post.

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