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Charitable Giving: Prancing Elites - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
Charitable Giving: Prancing Elites
This dance group has chosen a difficult path to walk: they are an all-male, African-American gay dance team from Mobile, Alabama.

They have 8 days left to raise funds for next year. Like many Kickstarter campaigns if they do not reach their goal, they do not get funded. They are at the 1/3 level.

The type of fallout they typically encounter.
"We love performing at football games. We were performing in the stands at a game in our hometown of Mobile, Alabama, and the police officer told us, “You all are not the entertainment, and you should be ashamed of yourselves for being up here dancing like girls. If you all get up and even look like you're dancing then we are going to put you out and you will not be getting refunded.”

Why they need funds?
"We practice all year round, regardless if it’s raining, freezing cold, or scorching hot, we still have to practice. The only sad part about this situation is that we don’t have a practice space. We practice at night from 10pm-2am five nights a week in an elementary school parking lot and their P.E. field. The neighborhood where the school is located causes us to worry at night when unfamiliar cars ride by numerous times. We are scared for our lives, because being in the South, there are still a lot of homophobic people and we never know who’s having a bad day and may harm us physically. The reason for the late practice is because several members have jobs and are full time students. This in itself should show you our passion still outweighs all the compromising situations we encounter. So with all that being said, we are trying to help raise money to have a safe practice space where we can just do what we love and feel safe from any violence."

edited: And finally, because Kickstarter campaigns are not funded if they do not reach their goal: "If our project unsuccessful, would you mind donating the pledged amount that you pledged on our project to our team's paypal account. Our need is still there, even if all the funds aren't met. You won't be charged by kickstarter if our project isn't successful. If you don't mind pledging your amount to our PayPal account, send an email of your intended amount to: elitesprancing@gmail.com"

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