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How I Will Always Remember Bodie - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
How I Will Always Remember Bodie
(repost from a few years ago. I do not know if Lorraine is still selling art prints, but it cannot hurt to ask)

I was able to buy two original Lorraine Brevig oil paintings. Now that the originals have been sold Lorraine is offering a limited set of  art prints of the series. You can go to her journal artconserv to contact her for more info  (for non LJ users she has an email address listed on her first journal entry). Adult art is friendslocked (but again, she also offers the adult art on a password protected website for non-LJ users).

Anyhow here are my two recent acquisitions that are being offered as limited art prints.

Waiting To Be Unshackled   
Leashed by Lorraine Brevig                        Unshackled by Lorraine Brevig

Lorriane does sell her original oil paintings and she also has other art prints to offer.  Fandoms include: Lord of the Rings, Starsky & Hutch, Star Trek (original series), Star Trek Reboot, Sherlock Holmes (the movie), Stargate Atlantis, and The Sentinel.   Also she has a few Torchwood, House and Pirates of the Caribbean paintings.  (Remember: adult artwork is friendslocked or password protected).

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