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DashCon Part 2 - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
DashCon Part 2
In the grand filk tradition, take a peek at this recruitment video for first time DashCon attendees. Lyrics and singing by Mallory.

"meeting all my friends for the first time,
am I gonna fit in?....

So hard without a laptop in front of me
it's definitely not an online party
'cause all I see are real people
I wonder how this is gonna go?...

I'll be back online tonight....."

Working Youtube link

edited: I am having such a lovely "Star Trek in the early days convention" flashback. Teenagers persuading their parents to let them take the bus across country to meet total strangers. And if not, getting their parents to take them. Fans caravaning to the event.  Organizing 3,000+ conventions  from the very start. Reminding one another that even though they need more wood to build the booths, to not carry the wood back home on the city buses.
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