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"Because YouTube Would Be Nothing Without Us" - Morgan Dawn Livejournal:The Here And Now
The Here And Now
"Because YouTube Would Be Nothing Without Us"
There are 2 Youtube vidding documentaries underway.

1. xxKillerxGirlxx, a Youtube vidder is looking for vidders to submit brief video snippets talking about vidding to include in their vidding documentary. Details are here (click on "About"). Deadline for footage is June 2014.

Edited: the project has been canceled and the creator is leaving Youtube.

Please feel free to share this with other vidders

2. Also, a second group of Youtube vidders wants to do a vidding documentary as well (this is a different group it looks like this is a different group - hard to tell). They have a Youtube page here and their Facebook page is here. For this one you can record yourself answering questions, send footage from one of your vids or a quote. Deadline is December 15 2013.

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